1. Are government & service taxes included in the rates?

Yes – these taxes are included in all the prices here. The current government tax is 5 % & the service tax is 10 %. Please note that these taxes are subject to change without prior notice.

2. What is SIC Tour?

This is a common term used in the travel industry which stands for Seat in a Coach. If you are joining a SIC day tour in a major city like Kuala Lumpur or Penang, there is a chance that you will have a group of people in the same coach from all walks of life and the group size can vary from 4 to over 20 persons. However, an SIC tour in Borneo entails a smaller group as it is a specialized programme.

3. Can you offer tailor made tours?

Yes – we certainly can offer these tours. Infact, we are very specialized in this field. Our consultants are well travelled around Malaysia and you will get the best advice possible.

4. Can we request for early check in or late check out?

This is all subject to availability. Infact, most hotels will not commit anything on early check in or late check out regardless. However, a guaranteed early checks in & late check out can be arranged by paying an extra night charge.

5. Is travel insurance included in the tour?

No - you are advised to get your own coverage from your local agent / insurance company.

6. How do we identify your driver / representative at the airport?

The rule of thumb is no to talk to anyone who offers you a transport service at the airport. You must look out for the signage displaying your name at the arrival hall. You will be given our emergency contact if you are not able to locate our driver/representative. Again, do not entertain anyone at the airport who is willing to assist you with a transport to the hotel. We will not be responsible for all the charges incurred which is not part of the transfer booked through our company.

7. How do we book & pay?

Basically, once you have decided on the tour programme, we will need all your details like travel dates, names, international flight details and other relevant information. In general, a deposit is required followed by the balance payment prior your arrival. Payment by credit card or bank transfer is accepted. See terms & conditions.

8. Is credit card payment secure?

Once booking is confirmed, you will receive a credit card authorization form for you to complete and you can fax to us at +603-5622 1524. All credit card information received will be treated as strictly private & confidential – This is our guarantee.

9. Can we cancel our tour after deposit?

An administrative fee will be charged less than refund of the deposit. See terms & conditions. This is usually indicated.

10. Can we amend our tour after deposit?

Yes – tours can be amended and charges may incur which you will be informed. Once full payment is received, we will exercise our discretion if any amendment can be done.

11. Can we get a refund for not using some of the services we booked?

All unutilized services including transportation, attraction, hotel & meals, are not refundable or transferable.

12. What are your working hours in Kuala Lumpur?

Our working hours is 24/7 every day. All requests will answer within 24 hours period.

13. I need further clarification. Can you help me?

We are glad to assist you on any inquiries. Write in your question to us at info@coachrental.com.my or call us at +6017-333 3004 / +6014-630 2480 for assistance. We will reply you as soon as possible
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